Reappearing Church Review

Book Review: 

A Book to Spark a Fire

This book is a rare combination. @marksayers is one of those rare voices who can accurately interpret the cultural landscape, but also provide a positive and clear way through the fray. "Reappearing Church" takes on the framework of renewal and revival as seen throughout the Church-age, and applies it as a hermeneutic to our current times. How can revival happen? How can we move forward? How can we be effective in our faith in a post-Christian culture? How can we be the Church reappearing rather than disappearing?

Sayers uses the first few chapters to illustrate our post-Christian setting alongside the necessary component of revival. He then traces the biblical theological narrative of presence, converging the biblical story with our Western cultural landscape. Sayers takes on society, politics, history, theology, and comes out with a simple, yet faithful picture of where the Church is heading next. He not only provides honest critique and humble criticism, but also paints a beautiful portrait of a heart and church captured by Jesus.

This book is a fresh, hope-filled exhortation to take on hot orthodoxy as renewed and revived individuals, to spark a fire of revival across our churches. It is packed with wisdom, quotes, principles, one-liners, and most importantly: hope. I'd highly recommend it for pastors, leaders, mentors, small group leaders, and every Christian who feels the burn of holy discontentment.

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**book graciously provided by @moodypublishers for an honest review