Redeeming How We Talk Review

Book Review: 

"Redeeming How We Talk" is a great title for communicating better with others in today's polarized and stressful society. Around 200 pages, the book addresses such topics as:

1. Importance of using the sabbath to counteract the propaganda and consumerism that inhibits relationships.
2. Ways social media has adversely affected human relationships and 2 biblical principles to consider when communicating in the digital age.
3. 4 negative developments the amount of today's information has had on today's culture.
4. 3 main types of Jesus' conversational patterns.
5. 5 principles for practicing godly speech.
6. Truth telling is a form of love and compassion when done in the context of love.
7. In a good community, people love one another enough to be not afraid of disagreements.

Well-written and full of excellent insights and practical suggestions, the title will be an often-used future reference. Recommended. I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair and honest review.