Relational Reset Review

Book Review: 

The relationships we experience with those around us are supposed to be one of life’s greatest sources of joys, but what happens when those close relationships start to sour, leaving us feeling frustrated, drained, and emotionally exhausted?


According to Dr. Laura Shaler, a nationally certified Christian counselor and licensed social worker, it might be time for us to take a step back from our relationships and turn our eyes inward to see if there are any relational habits that we have that we don’t realize we have that might be causing us to unintentionally sabotage the relationships that we are in!


She takes us through the process in her new book, Relational Reset: Unlearning The Habits That Hold You Back. The author’s rare blend of clinical insights, biblical wisdom, and hands-on exercises make this essential reading!


Relationship Reset explores 11 key relationship areas that are vital to any healthy relationship and teaches us skills that we may not have gained in dealing with these issues. For instance, how do you handle disappointment when someone close to you lets you down? How do overlook and forgive a major transgression or offense that a friend commits? How do you keep the past from intruding on the present and ruining the future of your relationships?


Navigating important issues like these are crucial to the survival of any relationship, but until now, there were few places you could go to learn these important relationship skills.


Relational Reset will not only teach you how to address your key relationship concerns, it will also provide you with journaling prompts to help you apply the lessons you are learning, and prayers so that you can take your concerns before the Lord.


If you want to be in healthier relationships with others, pick up a copy of Relational Reset and learn how you can be a better spouse, parent and friend!