The Relationally Intelligent Child Review

Book Review: 

As parents, we should always be looking for ways to be better parents and raise our children to be all around healthy adults.

Trent and Wilson do a wonderful job of presenting practical information regarding raising children who have the ability to be relational. God created us as relational beings and unfortunately we have fallen short of that in many ways. As parents, it's our responsibility to not only teach our children how to be relationship but to also model to our kids what it means to have healthy relationships.

The book is structured with ten chapters including five specific elements needed for children to be relationally intelligent:

- Secure Attachment

- Fearless Exploration

- Unwavering Resilience

- Wise Decision Making

- Future- Focused Service

The authors include introductions that discuss our role as parents as well as what their definition of relationship intelligent entails. They conclude with very practical wisdom:

- A starting point for applying their concepts in your own family

- Three obstacles that can stop a family from accomplishing the concept

- Three gifts that parents can utilize to model and implement the concept

As a foster family, we have seen the need for children to understand relational intelligence and how implementing the concept can be hugely positive. They also include assessments to assist families in developing their own method of implementing relational intelligence.

I enjoyed every part of this book and believe it's valuable wisdom for families to teach their children.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.