Replicate Review

Book Review: 

This is the one.
I spent a good amount of time last year reading the top 15 discipleship books, and a good part of this year strategically mapping and designing a discipleship pathway system that fit the vision for discipleship that I saw in Scripture. And then I read Replicate.

@rgallaty and @chrisswain73 have written an incredible book, refocusing on the central components of discipleship, reframing the systems and structures of discipleship within the church, and paving a fresh way forward for discipleship. This book hits all the markers from personal discipleship, discipleship groups, community life, and congregational crowds.

'Replicate' takes on some of the biggest challenges we face in the church today. @rgallaty believes we would experience a second reformation if we would only bring back a robust vision of discipleship in the church. For pastors, ministry leaders, church-goers, or those serious about discipleship, this is a must-read. This is the book I'll be using from here on out to continue the conversation concerning discipleship.

Link in bio to pick it up! **book graciously provided by @moodypublishers for an honest review