Revelation (Everyday Bible Commentary Series) Review

Book Review: 

I'm a major fan of the Moody Publisher Everyday Bible Commentary series as I own them all in eBook form. Getting the paperback copies was something I really wanted to do and so I did. Just as when I reviewed the Isaiah commentary, my thoughts on this one is pretty much the same. This book has 208 pages which is mind-blowing considering how big the book of Revelation is and how much can be gleaned from it. I wasn't too impressed because it lacked a lot of information that would have been great to have in the book.

However, I do believe this is great for the every-day Bible reader and for those who are not looking to do an "in-depth" study of Revelation. This book contains short chapters and gives enough information to satisfy the reading experience of Revelation.

I did enjoy reading through and highlighting some points. I liked the setup of going section by section with verses and Ryrie breaking down some of the points for further understanding.

Revelation itself is a hard book so any commentary on it will run across some problems for any person. Do I recommend it? I think it's a good one to have for basic understanding of the book, but it's not great if you're looking to do some deep studying.