Revelation (Everyday Bible Commentary Series) Review

Book Review: 

The book of Revelation can be a daunting task to read, much less understand. It is a book that both draws people in and pushes people back.

When a challenge is approaching, the best thing to understand is the starting point. To simply get the ball rolling is the first and most important victory.

Charles Ryrie gets that ball rolling with a concise commentary on Revelation that best serves as a starting point.

This commentary may not serve as the most in-depth resource on Revelation but it is simple and straightforward for readers to begin climbing the hill of the book. Covering the book of Revelation from the tip of the iceberg to the foundation is nearly impossible to do in 175 pages. But what Ryrie offers as the starting point is very well–worth the effort to dive into.

The format of the commentary is to cover this book verse-by-verse as much as possible and that helps with not playing hopscotch through the difficult terms and imagery throughout Revelation.

If you are wanting a helpful starting point to cover Revelation for the first time or even perhaps to return to the book, check out this volume from the Everyday Bible Commentary Series.