Reverberation Review

Book Review: 

Jonathan Leeman is an editorial director for 9Marks ministries, which helped make this book possible, along with Moody Publishers.

The book is a book about expository preaching and the sufficiency of God’s Word to change people. The thesis and premise of the book is solid throughout, especially within the beginning pages of the text. Overall, the text does magnify the Word of God and gives the reader a deep appreciation of the scriptures. The book is a tool to encourage readers to find their hunger, thirst, and ultimate satisfaction in the truth, power and feast of God’s Word. Leeman did an excellent job in protruding forth the power of the Holy scriptures. Leeman was sound and clear in his approach of writing about The Word, The Sermon, & The Reverberation Effect.

However, like other readers have noted, Leeman does take numerous jabs at the evangelical church (as a whole) throughout the book. One must understand that just because a church offers programs, various ministries, does not imply that the Word is not the focal point of it all or central to the overarching purpose of the existence of that local congregation. Perhaps these ministries are a part of the reverberation effect that the Word has on it’s hearers/doers.

As for preaching, this book would be a great tool of refreshment to the pastor’s soul as well as a source of an eye-opener to the layman, who needs to reminded of the power and sufficiency of the scriptures. Whoever reads this book, will find themselves with a greater appreciation and a renewed hunger for the Word of God, therefore, finding themselves growing in the grace & knowledge of the Lord, Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18).