Book Review: 

In a day when people are very keen on telling others what the gospel is, and what we should be doing with in our communicating, it is just as important to distinguish what the gospel is not. "The best way to identify a counterfeit bill is to know the real thing. The same is true with the gospel. We need to know the truth if we hope to discern the imitations" (Back Cover).

After outlining what the gospel is, the book delves into laying out six main counterfeit gospels. They are the Therapeutic Gospe, the Moralist Gospel, the Activist Gospel, the Judgmentless Gospel, the Quietist Gospel, the Churchless Gospel. It is easy to come up with false gospels that pastors and teachers in today's church are against from their teachings. It is another to distinguish the differences between these false gospels and what their true origins are. I'm a firm believer that all false gospels, whether these be prosperity gospels or self-help gospels come from the six that Trevin Wax has laid out.

Trevin does a great job at laying out a good foundation for the gospel in the text of Scripture. This book is saturated in the Bible and Trevin uses a keen sense of the Scriptures to then assess culture and what false gospels do to distort the true Word of God. This cannot be done without the author having spent much time in the Scriptures himself.

This book is a great way to look at the Gospel and make sure one is centrally focused on teaching it's contents, namely Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. This book is a great resource for any library, whether a learned scholar or a new believer and even someone who is curious about teh Christian faith. Buy this book, you won't be disappointed.

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