Ring Makes All the Difference, The Review

Book Review: 

In The Ring Makes All the Difference, Glenn T. Stanton has written a book about cohabitation and living together without having to say I do. This book explored the science behind relationships and cohabitation and one static stated that “more 60 percent of all marriages are preceded by some form of cohabitation” (Page 11). Research is showing that many women in their thirties are intently getting pregnant because their biological clocks are ticking. And they desperately want children but they are unable to find a man who wants to be married first. So women are settling.

Most of the people who are living together are hiding behind the excuses and the fear of what if we get married and get divorced. They reason that wouldn’t it be easier to live together and test drive the relationship before we actually get married. This could include sex whenever we desire it and we believe cohabitation is the fastest way to fall in love. But cohabitation doesn’t guarantee a person won’t cheat around in the relationship or have sex with somebody else. Without the ring and the commitment of marriage people are free to do whatever they please. With marriage there is a commitment of their word.

People who participate in cohabitation before marriage have higher divorce rates when/if they get married. They also have higher rates of “adultery, alcohol, drugs, and independence than couples who did not cohabit” (Page 61). Children also suffer from cohabitation and research displays that they will have more problems in school if their parents allow their unmarried partner to move in with them.

I would recommend this astonishing book to anyone who is considering and wondering what is the importance of waiting until they’re married to live together. This book will stress the research behind not cohabitating before marriage. This book is for teenagers, college students, and adults who are pondering the benefits of marriage. If you’re thinking that test driving the relationship would be easier to promise that the future marriage would work out. Then this book will change that belief. I personally have never cohabitated or let someone move in with me. I won’t until we are husband and wife. Trusting and committing to marriage is a huge risk but it’s an even bigger risk cohabitating and hoping that it will one day lead to marriage.

"I received this book free from the publisher through the Moody Publishers book review bloggers program."