Ring Makes All the Difference, The Review

Book Review: 

Recently I read The Ring Makes All The Difference by author Glenn T. Stanton - Moody Publishers.

I selected this book due to the increasing number of unmarried women and men whom have made a choice to cohabitate without getting married. When I first selected this book I didn't know what to expect and was praying for an excellent book to help me mentor and reach out to women whom feel the ring does not matter.

According to the book even if couples consider themselves essentially "married" they know on a personal level that without a marriage license, they are freer to exit the relationship at any time. This lack of security affects how they deal with each other.

It's not about the glorious wedding that women dream about or the wedding costs to tie the knot. After all the pomp and circumstance, the nature of the relationship makes a difference in ways you never imagined. It requires devotion and self sacrifice. It is a long term for life intimate relationship and should be taken seriously.

The fact that couples choose to cohabitate rather than marry indicates there is a difference between the two relationships. Marriage requires more upfront and ongoing investment from the spouses and their families. It is a spiritual bond between the couples and God. Also, God honors marriages.

If you both seek first the kingdom of God he will strengthen your marriage and help you resolve conflict and show you how to love one another. Being in love with your mate and learning how to love your mate is very important. When you are strongly committed to someone you are more inclined to work harder to maintain the relationship.

I strongly recommend that you buy the book to learn more about why The Ring Makes All The Difference. This is an excellent book for bible study and I strongly recommend that you purchase it.