Ruth's Redemption Review

Book Review: 

I really loved this book. Ruth’s Redemption is a story that is full of adventure, love, compassion and forgiveness.
Ruth is a slave and she has had to endure some horrible things until she is bought by Bo, a free ex-slave.
Ruth’s Redemption has some elements of history to it. You will find out what happened to some slaves, what could happen to some free men and women when slave traders didn’t care about their papers. How greed can change a person and make them evil.
Ruth is searching for freedom and thinks freedom comes from not being a slave, but there are so many ways of being in bondage to many things, even to ourselves.
You will read in this book how Ruth and Bo had many ups and downs in their lives and how many of them weren’t pleasant. I really like how Bo was so close to the Lord and took all of his decisions to Him and how the Lord was always there for him. Ruth was just the opposite, she thought the Lord could end slavery and pain if He wanted to, but Ruth didn’t believe in God because He never seemed to care what happened to her.
This book is very much worth reading. I love the ending to Ruth’s Redemption. It’s a book to keep.