Ruth's Redemption Review

Book Review: 

Ruth's Redemption begins in the early 1830's in a small town in Virginia. The first chapter is about the unspeakable brutality handed out by the slave traders, and the humiliation and desperation felt by the women being sold at a slave auction. Ruth is one of the women on the auction block, and at first glance she appears defiant, strong-willed and impossible to handle.

Determined that no man will ever be her master, Ruth is shocked by the kindness and patience of the man who pays the required price to take her away from the auction. Bo is an ex-slave and he is a successful farmer on his own land. Ruth has never experienced kindness and gentleness in her entire life, and she doesn't know how to respond.

Both Ruth and Bo have a difficult past and painful memories that they need to deal with before they can find happiness, and unfortunately the danger is far from over from the slave traders.

Ruth's Redemption is a stark look at a part of our history that is so heart breaking and unjust, that it's almost impossible to imagine. We all need to read books like this one, just to help us remember. I highly recommend this book, it's an amazing story of courage and redemption that I won't soon forget.