Sacred Sex Review

Book Review: 

I have to start by saying this was an amazing book. There are a lot of marriage book on the market that try to help couples find fulfillment in their marriage, but none of them come close to this one. Tony Evans literally goes to the heart of intimacy in marriage. He points out the problems, the solutions and the results of a fulfilled marriage.
God is the Creator of men and women. God created us with sexual desires and needs. The problem, as Tony Evans points out, is that man in his sinfulness has perverted that plan. But God is powerful enough to keep us from sin, and He is powerful enough to lead us to the one true person that He has chosen for us. Sexual purity before marriage and during marriage are a part of that plan.
But what stood out to me is the approach that Mr. Evans took in showing how to reach that place in marriage where sex is sacred. Here are a few quotes from the book:
"While sex is a wonderful and beautiful gift of God designed for human fulfillment, Satan has taken this God-ordained activity and has done with it what he does best. He has counterfeited it and sold his cheap imitation as the real thing."
"God's sexual standard outside of marriage is virginity, an extremely valuable gift from Him that you can give away only once and never get back again."
"Sex is a part of your God-given DNA, but it was never designed to be your master."
This book could easily be taken and used as a curriculum in a small group setting. It has a message that teens, dating couples, newlyweds and seasoned married couples need to hear. The message of the book is that intimacy starts long before anything physical. It's possible to have a few moments of pleasure with another person, but that isn't intimacy. When that happens you leave a part of yourself, and move on looking for the next "high" moment. But true intimacy is sharing your thoughts, dreams, emotions, your whole life. The author said sex is a covenant, an unbreakable bond. And when you do it God's way, according to God's plan, you get to enjoy this awesome gift that God has given human being in a way that the world could never understand. It becomes sacred.
This book was given to me free of charge by Moody Prublishers in exchange for my honest review.