Say It! Review

Book Review: 

When it comes to eyeglasses, no one magnification or prescription works for each person. The different magnifications are prescribed to people based on what their specific need is.

Expositional Preaching is a specific model of preaching that is done in various styles and one of those styles or traditions is African–American. Just as lenses in eyeglasses differ to accomplish the purpose of clear sight, expository preaching styles differ across the board, though all with the desire of letting God be heard and made known to people of various contexts.

This book, Say It!, is a gem in the preaching genre as it explains African–American evangelical tradition and styles of preaching expositionally in that tradition. Because this is a specific book on expositional preaching, you will find within this resource the clear definitions of expositional preaching, preaching through the differing genres in scripture, along with a case for preaching throughs the books of the Bible.

The contributions to this book from historic African–American expositors is worth the read alone. Their history, stories, and work of God in their lives through history helps readers understand why expositional preaching is the standard across evangelical denominations and cultures.

This is a beautiful tool for preachers!

Thank you to MPnewsroom for the book in exchange for an unbiased review.