Screen Kids Review

Book Review: 

The back of this book says: “Has Technology Taken Over Your Home?” and the answer for me is YES! I needed this book. I love books by Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane made a great match for him in this book.

First the book talks about how screen time affects the brain, relationships, safety, emotional health and how it related to single parenting especially.

The book doesn’t make you feel bad though. Many books about screen use make you feel bad when they go over why too much is not good. I didn’t feel like that here. I think it was because they give many examples of real life people and their real life screen issues.

The second section is about the five A social skills: affection, appreciation, anger management, apology and attention. These are skills that every kid needs The book talks about how too much screen time can affect these and how to combat this.

There is a Top 10 Questions and Answers section which helps cover some thoughts you might have and at the end there is a quiz to see if your child has too much screen time although I tend to think that most parents know their child has too much screen time. This book helps with how to ease them out of it.

This was an AMAZING book and there is even a Grandparents edition which I think is cool. Highly Recommended.