Secret Keeper Girl Review

Book Review: 

Although I do not have a tween daughter, I do have a toddler daughter that will reach the tween years sooner than I'd like. I also thoroughly enjoyed Dannah Gresh's other books: Lies Girls Believe and A Mom's Guide to Lies Girls Believe. So I wanted to continue reading her books for young girls.

The book is short, perfect for a young girl to delve into without getting overwhelmed. It consists of seven "secrets" of true beauty and modesty that God desires for us as girls/women.

Gresh does well with the introduction. Including the reason for the book, what they can expect to gain from the book, and encouragement. The introduction is followed by a short section on Secrets - the good, the bad, the why, etc.

Each secret begins with a diary-like entry, giving details on a situation that a young girl is in the midst of. I was disappointed in the lack of scripture references. I am a firm believer than the Bible is the first and foremost place to obtain wisdom for our lives and Gresh seems to have taken the minimal route on this.

The book ends with True Beauty Challenge for the reader to sign and pledge towards modesty. The appendix summarizes the scripture utilized for each secret. I do appreciate her mentioning several times throughout the book that although we have to be aware, our motive and heart attitude are the most important.

I absolutely loved the illustrations and design of the book. It had the same feel as her Lies Girls Believe books. They were fun, exciting, captivating and perfect for a tween girl.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.