Secret Keeper Review

Book Review: 

Secret Keeper is a modest little book, tiny in size and packed with power. Dannah makes it her mission to make modesty attainable. She strips away the myths of fashion trends and appeals to a female's reasoning while gracefully incorporating Biblical revelation. Dannah teaches modesty with fun little tests that include visual demonstrations. She also shares some advertising tricks of the trade with deep and profound relevance to women. I also enjoyed her explanation of sin as "missing the mark". She explains that though a woman can hit the target with her attire, is she really hitting the mark of God's best?

This book would be great for young adults and unmarried women. It stresses the need for purity, preserving ones self for one man forever.

This is a super fast read and a beautifully designed book. At times text overlaps with images and that becomes sort of distracting and makes the true text more difficult to read. Some of the design element of the book is a little too much, but the heart and message is wonderful.

I would like to read more from Dannah. I encourage you to look for this and other titles written by her, especially if you have a teenage daughter.

I received my free copy of Secret Keeper via Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review.