Seeking Him Review

Book Review: 

I've read many other books by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and for the most part I have enjoyed her writing. I'ma always up for discovering new books and devotionals to assist in positively transforming my relationship with Christ.

The study is 12 weeks long with each week including 5 days. The content is surrounded by accomplishing a personal revival within your relationship with Christ. The days are short and sweet, easy to accomplish and include many options for personal reflection and journaling.

The sidelines for each day include highlights such as Insights, Key Points, Tips, and Quotes. The beginning of each weekly lesson focuses on a Memory Verse along with Going Deeper into Scripture.

My favorite sections throughout the study are the personal experiences and stories of real life believers who sought God and He met them right where they were. These stories make your own struggles and distance from God seem less impossible. God is miraculous and we are part of His miracles.

It wasn't a study where you dive too deeply into the Scriptures to discover their meaning, their background, their context, etc. It more so allowed one to seek God through Scripture and discover more of who He is and how we can build our relationship with Him.

This would lend itself well to personal study, group study or paired study.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.