Sent Review

Book Review: 

I was excited to read this book despite never hearing of Heather & Ashley Holleman before. In today's world, true believing Christians all too often fall prey to internally focused activities, ignoring the ultimate call from Christ to share the Gospel.

The Hollemans do a great job of presenting the call to share the Gospel in an appealing, captivating, desirable and fearless way. They structure the book with three parts with twelve chapters:

- Part 1: Believing That God Has Sent You

- Part 2: Living Like A Sent Person

- Part 3: Best Practices for Everyday Evangelism

Each part covers a vital part of our role in sharing the Gospel. First, we must believe the Gospel! Second, we must believe that the God of the Gospel is still active throughout our world. Third, we must believe what the Scriptures command us in regards to sharing the Gospel. We must believe that we are included in this command. Their presentation of the Scriptures is biblically sound and insightful.

Parts two and three provide a plethora of practical strategies for believers to implement in our current culture. My favorite chapters out of these two parts were 8 & 9:

- The Easiest Questions to Ask

- The Easiest Story to Tell

These are probably the two biggest obstacles people face in sharing the Gospel and they provided simple and effective ways for believers to overcome those obstacles and fears in order to naturally share the Gospel in our every day lives.

Each chapter is concluded with two sections:

- Consider/Discuss: this section provides questions for further discussion; allows one to achieve an even deeper understanding of the concepts

- Your Sent Faith: this section provides personal tasks for the reader to implement in their every day lives so they can achieve the ultimate goal: living a life that invites others to Jesus

I appreciated that they made it very clear that every one is unique and thus everyone who wishes to live their life so that others are invited to Jesus will do so in a uniquely different way. I enjoyed this book and was convicted on many levels to change my perspective on how I live out my daily life.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.