Sex And The Single Girl Review

Book Review: 

“You’re not the first person I’ve given my body to, but you are the first person I’ve ever given my heart to.”

It’s been a few months since the way I viewed purity was confronted. I was laying in my room staring up at the ceiling when those words and others like it began filling my head. Is purity holding your body hostage until a wedding date? Is it fighting off temptations? And what if you’ve already made decisions that are counter to what the bible states? Is there forgiveness? Does it honestly matter? What will my future spouse think? What does God think? And honestly what do I believe?

Until then, I thought I had a good grasp of what it meant to strive for purity. Truthfully, looking back I never really had any type of full understanding. I just remember being told at an early age to guard my virginity and not give it away until I was married. That same thin level of understanding was then reinforced every year around Valentines Day – and that was just taught at church. At home, the topic was never really addressed on a personal level and when it was the underlying tones were to “be smart” or a subconscious push to not think about it. At school and with peers it seemed odd to be the one concerned about purity.

So what sparked the confrontation inside about the change in my heart? A movie. A TWO HOUR (in Spanish, I might add) non-biblical representation of a love story that followed two non-committed lovers. Outside of all the wrong in this movie, there were beautiful grace-giving truths sprinkled throughout. That movie started the shift in my heart that led me on a search to find out BIBLICAL truth and to actually learn why I believed what I believed about purity.

One day I’ll go into more detail about that movie and my views but for now I want to focus on the book that provided me with the biblical truth and PRACTICAL application steps I need to live a life focused on purity. This book is one that has equipped me to walk faithfully in the ways of Jesus.

Sex and the Single Girl is a book that if I could photocopy and lay at the feet of every little girls crib, I would. That is how serious I am about the views and truths presented. Dr. Juli Slattery goes beyond the simple “don’t do it” mantra to thoroughly explain what purity actually is and what it should look like in the life of a believer.

From the start, the book gets to the heart of the matter and goes as far as asking the reader to point out where they learned about sex and what attitudes were expressed.

Set up like a devotional for readers to answer questions, memorize scripture and respond; this book is unlike any other I have read on the topic. Additionally, if you are searching for new material for your small group on this subject this book has my FULL backing.