Sex And The Single Girl Review

Book Review: 

Sex and the Single Girl is a written for a personal Bible Study for single women by authors who are well qualified to write on this topic.  They use many personal stories from women they've counseled or from women who have sent them inquiries about  sexuality.

The study progresses through understanding God's total forgiveness and how to stand against the enemy who would like women to hide in shame and guilt, to the ultimate place of finding intimacy with God. 

Week three study is about Sexuality and Your Character.  Four questions are addressed.
-Do I believe God's intentions for me are good?
-What do I want most out of life, happiness or holiness?
-What is God's purpose in allowing me to face sexual struggle?
-What is worship? And how is sexual integrity an act of worship?

Week 4 is a study on Sexual Boundaries.  The authors admit there are gray areas, that the Bible doesn't specifically address, for instance, masturbation. In these areas, women are encouraged to pray about the actions, invite God into the struggle and believe He will help them make good choices based on what they know about Him and His design for sexuality and whether it is beneficial for them or  for others in their lives.

Day 5 of each study chapter ends with a Putting it All Together section.  Here are truths that the reader is encouraged to rate from 1-5 in how powerful this truth is in their life. 

This is a great book for those serious about discovering God's perspective on sexual morality and how it differs from the culture we are living in. Some of the sections are published in gold ink for emphasis, which I found hard to read. The message of the book isn't new, but it's shared with lots of grace.  It's not about keeping rules, but getting to know the God who gave us sexuality and His design for it in our lives.

"God has invited you to do this study...not because He wants you to "clean up" your sex life...God wants a relationship with you.  He offers you complete freedom in forgiveness and the power to live with a new identity." p.139
This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.