Sex And The Single Girl Review

Book Review: 

Back Cover Reads:
""Sexuality often lands at two extremes. On the one hand you have culture saying that everything is acceptable, you can do whatever you want, and sexuality is relative. On the other hand you have some churches that won't even talk about it, turning sex into something shameful and taboo. How do you discern the truth?
Sex and the single girl will help you understand sexuality according to God's truth. Going way beyond a simple "wait until you're married" message, this practical study explores questions like: Why does my sexuality matter to God? Can I be single and sexual? What should I do with sexual temptation?
God offers more than "rules" for your singleness; He invites you into a whole new identity. Discover the spiritual purpose of your sexuality not just for a future marriage, but for today.""

Filled with Biblical wisdom, this book is packed with lots of good information. Dr. Juli Slattery gets right to the heart of the issue: is Jesus Lord of your life-including your love life? Is His love enough for you? Sex and the Single Girl is from a trustworthy source that help get women to discuss and work through issues involving sexuality and spirituality. An amazing bible study that doesn't shy away from issues single women in our culture face today.
Sex and the Single Girl is a 6-week study with 5 days of reading that include quizzes and journaling exercises that are biblically grounded. Going through this book has really helped me realize that you're never alone in your personal struggles, and that sex isn't taboo. I love the quote, "Marriage and sexuality were always intended to teach us about intimacy wtih God."-Dr. Juli Slattery.
Though this book is written for a young single women, I don't think that age really matter. I personally feel that any single women can benifit from the book, regardless of their background.

I received this book from the publisher is exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.