The Simplest Way to Change the World Review

Book Review: 

What is biblical hospitality and can it change the way you live toward your neighbor and your community? Many Christians want to make a difference but when asked to offer their home as the offering, we shy away. Willis and Clements tackle the idea that our homes are not our sanctuaries. They are not places for retreat but places for community. Even introverts can jump on board with this according to them. The reader gains perspective on what it means to open our homes not only for welcoming the community but for displaying the gospel.

"As with any desire we make too ultimate, however, if we place personal relaxation and refuge at the forefront of our home's purpose, we lose God-given opportunities to practice gospel-driven intentionality (Willis & Clements, 33)."

I think Willis and Clements bring up valid arguments for ridding ourselves of the idea that our homes are an island all to ourselves. I completely agree with this. I really enjoyed the 3-week group study and each of the questions proceeding each chapter.

The militarization of the gospel made me uncomfortable. To use the gospel as "a weapon" always trips me up. It's the first thing we peg about other people's religion so it's not okay for us to do the same. I don't feel the gospel should be used this way. I know what they were trying to get across but I feel better language could have been used to convey that message.

Moreover, I don't like the way being hospitable somehow makes us better than the people we're being hospitable to. The book assumes every broken person walking into our home needs to be fixed, saved, or converted. I feel hospitality is what we pay to live on this earth. And it's service to anyone where I am merely the hands and feet of Jesus and nothing more.

My overall impression was: I liked it. I'd recommend it if you have a hard time welcoming people into your home or you have to be reminded how to serve.