So How Do I Parent THIS Child? Review

Book Review: 

This book is about finding your child’s giftedness but it’s not exactly what you’re (probably) thinking. If your child is good at math or art or sports for example, that’s not your child’s giftedness. It’s how your child is expressing their giftedness. For example, “someone who is born to solve problems can express that giftedness through any number of occupations.”

The book isn’t talking about giftedness like it’s something only a select few children (or adults) have. Everyone has a giftedness, something they are good at and/or they like doing. But they can express this is many ways.

The book has separate chapters for early years through to teenagers. However the book would be best read by someone with a young child. The authors suggest using a notebook to keep track of anything your child is really interested in or good at so you can help identify their giftedness. This is a good idea and I wish I had read it when my children were younger.