Sola Review

Book Review: 

For over 500 years, Christians have celebrated the Protestant Reformation which was the beginning of a movement to breakaway from the Catholic Church's teaching on justification to embrace the gospel as proclaimed in the Bible. Throughout the years there have been five Latin phrases that have summed up the Reformation that has been taught in the church, which are known as the Five Solas:

Sola scriptura-Scripture alone

Sola fide-Faith alone

Sola gratia-grace alone

Solus Christus-Christ alone

Soli Dei Gloria-To the glory of God alone

Jason Allen says these phrases are "theological declarations, by they come with massive personal and congregational implications...they are the essence of the gospel." This quote comes to the introduction of a book, which Allen has put together along with four other authors, to address the Five Solas and how they apply today. The book is titled, Sola: How the Five Solas Are Still Reforming the Church.

Allen is joined by Jared C Wilson, Jason G Duesing, Matthew Barrett, and Owen Strachan. The authors deal with each Sola and their theological distinctives. Allen begins with Sola Scriptura in defining what it is, the history behind it, and its application to the church today.

Wilson writes on Sola Gratia and how we see God's grace throughout the Bible. Duesing deals with Sola Fide and gives us the theological background into why we are saved by faith alone. Barrett tackles Solus Christus and how Christ is the only One who can save us. Finally, Strachan addresses Soli Dei Gloria where our salvation is for the glory of God alone and not ourselves.

At first, I thought this book was going to be a huge theological book that might take a while to read. This is not the case. Sola is a easy to read book designed to give the reader an introduction to the Reformation and Reformed Theology. This is also a good read when it comes time to reflect on the Reformation later this year.