Sola Review

Book Review: 


Jason K. Allen serves as the general editor of Sola, the eighth book I have reviewed for Moody Publishers. It is the second book edited by Jason K. Allen that I have reviewed. The first one, Portraits of a Pastor (another book I reviewed for Moody), was a good one, hence my wanting to review another one by Allen. Like the first one, this book most certainly does not disappoint. This review explains why.

The book Sola addresses each of the five “solas”:

sola scriptura (Scripture alone – Chapter One – Jason K. Allen)
sola gratia (Grace alone – Chapter Two – Jared C. Wilson)
sola fide (Faith alone – Chapter Three – Jason G. Duesing)
solus Christus (Christ alone – Chapter Four – Matthew Barrett)
soli Deo Gloria (God’s glory alone – Chapter Five – Owen Strachan)
These “solas” both establish the Christian life and provide the blueprint for how churches can have fulfilled and fruitful ministries (p. 17). As shown above, Allen and four other contributors each wrote one chapter. Tony Merida wrote the foreword and Allen wrote the book’s introduction.

Allen starts the “chapter” part of the book by explaining sola scriptura historically, biblically and pastorally (pp. 19-34). Wilson explains how sola gratia is the theme of Scripture alone, the strength of faith alone, is found in Christ alone, and proclaims the glory of God alone (pp. 35-54). In a nutshell, it is the backbone of the other four “solas.” Duesing both explains sola fide by giving its biblical foundation (Romans 1:16-17) and summarizes it by giving five summary statements to sola fide that are relevant for the present day (pp. 55-74). In discussing solus Christus, Barrett touches base on various things as he explains it biblically and historically (pp. 75-98). Finally, Strachan concludes the “chapter” part of the book by discussing the significance of soli Deo Gloria (pp. 99-117). The book concludes with a conclusion, acknowledgments and some extensive notes (including both useful information on narcissism and a solid warning against prosperity theology materials; pp. 118-132).


This book is a short, simple, and fruitful book that excels in grammar and content. I would most definitely recommend this book, for it is a must-read.

GRADE: 4.25 out of 5