A Spiritual Clinic Review

Book Review: 

J. Oswald Sanders writings are a gift to servant–leaders.

This latest collection of writings from Sanders is addressed to servant–leaders and missionaries of the gospel. This is a bit of quick read since the chapters are brief.

Sanders is known for not cutting corners or light–hearted writing. What Sanders does is address the issues of the heart with potent prescriptions from scripture. Some may read this edition of his writings and wish for more grace to be included and that is verifiable.

But remember Sanders cuts to the chase, gets to the heart and speaks plainly.

This book addresses many ills of the heart and while achieving success in most of the ills, there are some that readers will find to be a bit lacking in prescription and perhaps a little bit of a stretch.

Nonetheless, Sanders writings are helpful and this book will help some with specific issues, while others may choose to pass on this reading.