Spiritual Leadership Review

Book Review: 

anders, J. Oswald, Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Excellence for Every Believer, Chicago: Moody Press, 2002.

Leadership has long been a part of the civilized world. Leadership can be positive, infused with dedication, or negative and infused with fear. J. Oswald Sanders, in his class work,, Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Excellence for Every Believer, also suggests that leadership can and should be infused with a desire to live and lead as God would instruct. Sanders believes that successful leaders are God-centered individuals who want to achieve the life that God has shown through the Bible that all leaders can have. Sanders work is built around how leaders can recognize their calling, influence others, and leave a lasting and sustaining legacy. Successful leaders can use the principles in Sanders work to make them stand out among people who are managers but many not have the drive to influence others.

Sanders work is centered around sound biblical principles that Paul, Peter, Timothy, and modern era evangelists relied on. He uses the words of Paul to show that leaders can learn from failure and can learn how to build up prior experiences. Modern-era believers such as Charles Spurgeon, according to Sanders, are examples of how the words of Paul are true and purposeful. Sanders' writes with a biblical and simplistic language that can be applicable to any leader in any situation. His advice is valuable and grounded.

I would encourage anyone who is desiring sound leadership guidelines to read this work. Sanders' principles are not just for church leaders, but for leaders in all walks of life. His work would make an ideal companion to the leadership practices of the great John Maxwell. As a school principal, I will use these ideas daily, both in my work with students and also in my work with adults. I greatly recommend Sanders' book as a tool for a long and meaningful leadership journey.