Spiritual Maturity Review

Book Review: 

J. Oswald Sanders' Spiritual Maturity is a book I've encountered before -- back in the early 90s as a college undergraduate student. I read the book at that point in my life when I was first encountering Jesus in a living way, and had seen this book referenced in a number of places. I was underwhelmed at the time, thinking it just simply couldn't live up to the hype of the reviews it'd been given by a number of the evangelical leaders who'd mentioned it.

Reading it a second time, I realize what a spiritually immature person I was and find in Sanders' book a depth and breadth of topics. He structures his thorough look at growing in Christ around the trinity -- so this is hardly the same as lots of other "doing" spiritual growth books. It's more "being" who we are in Christ. Spiritual Maturity marks out clear direction in how grace grows us into that person, because Sanders constantly points toward our weakness and the strength of God's love.
I received a free copy of this book from Moody Publishing in exchange for my honest review here.