Spurgeon on the Power of Scripture Review

Book Review: 

Spurgeon is one of the major theologians of our modern time and his works are classic. Allen essentially compiles all of Spurgeon's sermons and works on Scripture into one concise book.

The book is structured with seven chapters as follows:

- The Word of a King

- the Bible tried and proved

- The infallibility of scripture

- Christ's indwelling word

- The Bible

- The warnings and rewards of the word of god

- How to read the Bible

The introduction has one of my favorite descriptions of the book: "So it is with Spurgeon and Scripture. It is Holy Scripture that is powerful, but in these sermons, Spurgeon lets them out of their cage and gives them the roar. Read and be blessed."

And blessed you will be! I ended up having to re-read each chapter in order to fully grasp all that Spurgeon had to share.

Each chapter follows the same format:

- Introduction Page: provides Title, scripture reference, summary, notable quotes

- Spurgeon's sermon on the chapter's concept

I appreciate that Allen compiled the chapters in a way that addresses every typical modern day question both non-believers and believers have regarding Scripture. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to read through all of his sermons regarding scripture. God blessed him with so much wisdom and we are blessed to have the opportunity to grow through his God-given knowledge as well.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.