Spurgeon on the Power of Scripture Review

Book Review: 

This is the second book in the Spurgeon Speaks series. I reviewed the first book as well, Spurgeon on the Power of Prayer. Some of what I said for that book is true for this book. It was a good introduction into Charles Spurgeon’s writings which I was unfamiliar with. The book requires more than average concentration because of the older style of writing. But what he has to say is still relevant.

The book talks about how scripture is the word of God, how its proven and infallible. Spurgeon talks about how Christ dwells in the Word, more specifics about the Bible, warnings and rewards of the Word of God and finally, How to Read the Bible.

Something I found amusing is the following quote. Remember these original texts are from around 1870. Take note of the bolded word.

“How can you keep back the heavenly news? Whisper it in the ear of the sick; shout it in the corner of the streets; write it on your tablets; send it forth from the press, but everywhere let this be your great motive and warrant: you preach the gospel because ‘the mouth of the Lord has spoken.'”
pg 60

It took me a second to realize he meant like stone tablets or something like that. But it’s funny because now a days you can read the Bible on an electronic tablet.

I think Spurgeon has lots of great things to say about Scripture and it’s definitely worth a read if you want to appreciate the Bible more.