Spurgeon on the Power of Scripture Review

Book Review: 

The Spurgeon Speaks Series is a new series on Spurgeon by Moody Publishers. In this series, Jason K. Allen, the president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Spurgeon College, compiled several Spurgeon’s sermons and organized them topically. This is the second volume of the series, and it’s titled Spurgeon on the Power of Scripture.

Besides his powerful preaching, Spurgeon is well known for his high view of Scripture. He fiercely affirmed Scripture’s inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility and frequently preached about its power in the pulpit. In the second volume of the Spurgeon Speaks series, Allen curated Spurgeon’s best seven sermons on the power of Scripture. They are the Word of a King, The Bible Tried and Proved, The Infallibility of Scripture, Christ’s Indwelling Word, The Bible, The Warnings and Rewards of the Word of God, and How to Read the Bible. Each sermon also features a summary and a few notable quotes.

As with the previous volume, Spurgeon on the Priority of prayer, I absolutely enjoyed reading this book! Spurgeon unleashes the power of the Bible and lets it free to work in the reader’s heart. He speaks not only about the authority of Scripture in our lives but also of its beauty, perfection, and infallibility. It is evident that Spurgeon loved and treasured Scripture, and his excitement is contagious!

My only “critique” of this book and (series) is that the sermons are slightly edited and abridged. But Allen’s revision does not affect the contents except to make them more readable. I am just a purist.

I highly recommend Spurgeon on the Power of Scripture to all Christians. This book will bless you and undoubtedly give you a higher view of God’s Sacred Word and appreciation for its power in your life.

Moody Publishers graciously gave me a copy and this is my honest review.