Spurgeon on the Priority of Prayer Review

Book Review: 

The Spurgeon Speaks Series is a new series on Spurgeon by Moody Publishers. In this series, Jason K. Allen, the president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Spurgeon College, compiled several Spurgeon’s sermons and organized them topically. The first volume of the series is on prayer, and it’s titled Spurgeon on the Priority of Prayer.

Spurgeon, who is best known for his powerful preaching, was also a devoted man of prayer. He attributed his ministry success and church growth to prayer and frequently preached about its power. And in this volume of the Spurgeon Speaks series, Allen curated Spurgeon’s best eight sermons on prayer. They are, The Conditions of Power in Prayer, Praying and Waiting, David’s Dying Prayer, The Golden Key of Prayer, Prayer the Proof of Godliness, Lead us not into Temptation, Pray Without Ceasing, and Thanksgiving and Prayer. Each sermon features a summary and a few notable quotes.

I tremendously enjoyed this little book! I couldn’t stop highlighting as Spurgeon shares so much wisdom on prayer and has such elegant prose. Each sermon is short, easy to read, and filled with wonderful insights on prayer that will convict and encourage you to pray more.

I was particularly encouraged by Praying and Waiting, which is undoubtedly a struggle for many Christians. My only “critique” of the book is that the sermons were slightly edited and abridged. I understand it was to make them more accessible for modern readers. Still, I would have preferred if they were as Spurgeon delivered them.

Be that as it may, I highly recommend Spurgeon on the Priority of Prayer to anyone who wants to enrich their praying life. Spurgeon shares many precious nuggets about prayer, and when he speaks, you would be indeed wise to listen.

Moody Publishers graciously gave me a copy for an honest review.