Stages of the Soul Review

Book Review: 

Nancy Kane's Stages of the Soul: Gods Invitation to Greater Love is written with the warmth and spiritual insight of a gracious "mother" in the faith -- one whose own ministry takes her into the very depths of the human heart and spirit every day as a counselor and spiritual director.

Written with theological integrity and biblical insight, Stages of the Soul is one of those much-needed gifts to the Church in our own time and place. Here, there's help in growing in meekness, compassion and suffering to show the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in the real world.

Growing into Christ -- and reflecting Christ-likeness. That's the message of Stages of the Soul. Kane is able to navigate rough waters -- like pride, pain, sin, loss -- in a way that draws us to repentance and encourages us toward greater intimacy with Christ.

This is a book for which so many Christians have yearned in recent years.


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review here.