Stages of the Soul Review

Book Review: 

As believers, we know that growth characterizes our Christian life, but we are sometimes left wondering, How does God actually change us? How do we know we are maturing in our faith?

These are the questions Nancy Kane brings to the table in her book, Stages of the Soul. Weaving in testimonies of Christians whose lives display characteristics of each stage, Nancy unpacks what maturity and growth in Christ look like - from our conversion till our death. With practical insight and Scriptural truth, Nancy also addresses the temptations and obstacles we will face as we walk through stages of obedience, perseverance, sacrifice and intimacy with the Lord.

Our relationship with Jesus is truly a journey, and throughout the book, Nancy reminds us that maturing in the Lord will look more like a spiral than a straight line - we come to love God in deeper ways and know Christ in greater measures. This truth helped me to picture my own walk with Christ as I read Nancy’s descriptions and admonitions for each stage. Some parts I found a bit dry and repetitive, but reading the personal testimonies reminded me of the nuances of maturing in Christ and the reality that we often circle back to foundational truths and see the Lord expanding what we know of His love, grace, forgiveness, etc.

Stages of the Soul addresses the development of spiritual formation in a methodical but meaningful way. In saying yes to Jesus, we don't magically reach perfection; rather, we experience a lifetime of knowing Christ and loving Him with all that we are.

FTC Disclosure: I received these books for free from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own entirely, and I have not received any compensation.