Steppin' into the Good Life Review

Book Review: 

Sheila Rushmore is a normal woman, she's been dumped, is broke, and has come to that point in her life where she needs to make some big girl decisions. The biggest and best decision she makes is letting God into her life.

While the book was well written and quite honestly very true to life. It felt unfinished to me, definitely leaving itself open for a sequel -- or two. There were bits and pieces of different characters that I could relate to but now one that I felt particularly connected with.

I love the fact that this is a Christian book and I adore the amount of Christian people in it but all the characters were either too good or too bad. About the only "normal" person in the book was Sheila but based on the other characters once she fully immersed herself in God then she would become the most sharing, considerate person ever. If not she was doomed to a life of debt, crime, or drugs.

The overall message was actually heartwarming and true but I was not personally inspired in my faith. However, I did feeling myself nodding my head a lot and thinking "yes, yes, that's right".

This is one of those reads that are great if you're really wanted something well written but don't have the time to loose yourself for hours on end. Like a lunch break book.