Steppin' into the Good Life Review

Book Review: 

This was an enjoyable real-to-life story. I was frustrated with Sheila, the main character, at first but I really liked her as the story progressed.

Sheila Rushmore has hit a low point. She's been out of a job for months, lives with a crazy roommate, and has now crashed her ex's wedding to watch him remarry his ex-wife. However, during the service the pastor leads them in the sinner's prayer and she prays it and believes it. Her life doesn't suddenly become perfect, but she meets a cute guy at the wedding and things are looking up. She still makes some bad choices and struggles with wanting the good life, which to her is made up of designer shoes and a rich husband to take care of her. I struggled to like her at first because she seemed really shallow and high-maintenance, having lived way above her means when she had a job and now very in debt. It was all about her. I was also very frustrated with some of the choices she makes.

Then she meets Eden, a Christian bookstore owner who takes her under her wing and shows her unconditional love. She starts reading a great devotional, the Bible, and praying and gradually starts to make better choices and find other friends who aren't all about the drama. God gives her the strength to let go of the baggage she's been dragging around and forgive. She reconnects with her family and maybe with a new guy who's actually right for her?

Sheila deals with a lot of disappointment and stress throughout this book; at first it feels like everyone she knows is a drama queen. I really liked the progression of her faith and how it impacted her attitude to others. You could see the change in her and it felt very genuine. I found out afterwards that there were a couple previous books, one featuring Sheila and one a friend of hers. It didn't really feel like part of a series, though, so it's not necessary to read in order but I usually like to. I also liked the Southern feel to it. Overall, I ended up really enjoying it.

Thanks to Moody Publishers for the free copy in exchange for my honest review.

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