Summoned Review

Book Review: 

Summoned: Answering A Call to the Impossible by Megan B. Brown is an 8-week bible study over the book of Esther. Megan B. Brown is a military spouse, Bible teacher, and missionary with Cru Military with a degree in ministry leadership from Moody Bible Institute.

The author herself describes this bible study as “rough and raw” and says that the study will have hard topics causing us to grapple with God. I was really intrigued by this! A few years ago I read a book on Esther that really made me see things differently, and I was curious to see what insight Brown had to add.

The layout of this study is similar to the others. There is no weekly intro, and each day is a few pages long. Brown slowly takes you through Esther a few verses at a time so you can really focus on what’s going on, the cultural context, the historical elements, etc. Week 8 is just a reflection over everything, it’s not broken up into 5 days like the previous weeks.

I really enjoyed reading Brown’s commentary throughout the study. She’s very bold and blunt about things. I really hope she comes out with more studies in the future!

* I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.