Summoned Review

Book Review: 

Summoned by Megan B. Brown is a great bible study guide for women. It's a perfect study guide for those who already know the story of Esther and those who don't as well. You don't have to have previous knowledge on Esther to enjoy and comprehend the study guide. As you continue with the study guide, it guides you very deep into the scriptures giving you historical context and cultural awareness of that specific time period. I really enjoyed the layout of the book as well. Everyday you beguin by reading a specific verse, and after that a little bit of background info explaining what we read. I like that It's interactives, it has fill in the blanks and questions to answer and it has the author's intake on what was read for that specific day. I strongly recommend this devotional of your interested on reading about Esther and knowing more about her life and her time period. I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.