Summoned Review

Book Review: 

I'm always up for new bible studies and this one definitely peaked my interest given it covers the book of Esther.

Brown structures the book with eight weeks of five daily studies. Each week is focused on a different theme throughout Esther:

- Week 1: Summoned to the Start

- Week 2: Summoned to Seek

- Week 3: Summoned to Scrutinize

- Week 4: Summoned to Share Sorrow

- Week 5: Summoned to Selflessness

- Week 6: Summoned to Study

- Week 7: Summoned to Sift the Scriptures

- Week 8: Summoned to Serve

Each day begins with a scripture reading and includes Brown's insights of the reference. She includes multiple questions to ponder. The daily studies are about 2-3 pages back and front. They are not a quick ten minute study but rather approximately 30-40 minutes depending on how intensely you dive in.

Although the study is geared mainly towards women, the book of Esther itself is still very applicable to all - men as well.

Brown does a beautiful job of walking through the entire book of Esther and bringing God's wisdom to the forefront. God's call for Esther and her response to His call provides a us with insight into God's character and desire of our lives.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.