Summoned Review

Book Review: 

One of the new bible studies in Moody Publishers Women's Bible Studies is Summoned by Megan Brown. Megan is a military wife and bible teacher who also works with Cru Military. Like many of Moody Women's bible authors, she also attended Moody Bible Institute.

So this Bible Study is 8 weeks long and focuses on the book of Esther. While we tend to know the story of Esther (Vashti, Xerxes, Mordecai, and Haman), Megan takes a different approach to this well-studied book.

Megan approaches this study with the intent to help readers/studiers learn how to study the bible. She starts with basic definitions and identifies materials that can be used in bible study. Then she delves into simple questions that are meant to draw a new believer into studying the Word more.

The bible study is fairly good, albeit there are quite a few "me" focused questions. I personally would have liked more on the interpretative side of bible study rather than so much on the application end of it. However, I am a more seasoned bible student and this bible study is geared more towards a beginner bible student.

If I were to recommend this bible study to a person, it would be to someone new to bible study who is looking to get consistent in studying on a daily basis. I would tell more seasoned students of the Word to look elsewhere as they would likely want more meat and higher focus on God than self.

{FYI: Please note that I received a copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review.}