Susie Review

Book Review: 

This is the most inspiring book! I had never read anything about Susannah Spurgeon before so had no idea about her life with Charles or her help in his ministry or anything about her own ministry.

This book is not a dry biography. It's a story brought alive by great writing and I was completely compelled by it. It is definitely a page turner and I really feel that I know these people in a deeper way. What was fascinating to me is that Susie was alive during the Victorian age - an era I have been heavily reading about lately. I thought about the restrictions put on women yet Susie never let these restrictions keep her from doing the work of Christ. She felt called to write and also had a book ministry where she would send her husband's books to other ministries about the country and also help them and their families in their ministries. She did this despite her own health and pain issues and continued even as a widow.

The love story between her and Charles is so sweet and tender. They did a lot of things together and she was his rock and encourager throughout their marriage and through his ministry. They were there for each other as they suffered with chronic illnesses and I was, personally, encouraged by this. In our society, we feel as though our worthiness comes from what we do but Susie showed me it's in living for Christ! Just as Susie took refuge in Christ through her illness, so can we. I was so encouraged by her example.

This is a wonderful book for everyone to read. It was inspiring and encouraging and just a great read about a very godly woman. I highly recommend it and give it 5 out of 5 stars.