Susie Review

Book Review: 

Susie is a well written, complete biography filled with historical records, personal writings from the Spurgeon’s and wonderful testimonies from family and friends. Ray is a great storyteller. The hardcover book is beautiful and the photos are great!

Susannah accomplished much in her earthly life in addition to being the wife of the Prince of Preachers. She was an author, she started a book fund for pastors, planted a church, was a student of the Word, hiked the Swiss Alps, was the mother of twin boys, content in the shadow of her husband, served Christ faithfully, loved the gospel and provided a warm, loving home that was prayerful.

Susie’s life reminded me that every day is a gift and all is grace. God is good and faithful always. Suffering is part of our earthly life, and the hope is we will respond with faith and trust in our God with hearts that are joy-filled and thankful. Her story encouraged me of the importance of being a supportive and encouraging wife to my husband. I desire to be an excellent helper to him and not hinder the work of the Lord in his life but help flourish it in any way I can.

The book was edifying and challenging. You will be blessed by it, and if you enjoy Charles Spurgeon, it helps give a better picture of who he was through the life of his wife. Charles would not be Charles without Susannah.