Team Us: Marriage Together Review

Book Review: 

In today's society, marriage isn't taken as serious as it should be. It's tossed around, abused, and taken for granted. Nobody seems to believe in the commitment they made and a good portion of that stems from the lack of faith.

Marriage can be hard. It's challenging, but luckily it's a challenge that you don't have to face alone. Team Us really drills that message home. I think girls grow up expecting prince charming to come sweep her off her feet, but that's only in fairytales. Yes, it can happen, but it also takes work.  People tend to give up when things get hard and they forget about the commitment that they made to their partner. Now, I'm not saying it's always going to be rainbows and sunshine. However, if you read this book and really resonate with the advice provided, Your marriage will gain and grow from it. you can't give up when the honeymoon phase seems over.

Slater doesn't shy away from  the ugly parts of marriage. She lays it all out there bare and true. The good, bad, and downright ugly. She shares her personal struggles in marriage, which many will relate to. But she helps you realize that if you stick together and work towards a common goal, anything is possible.

She compares marriage to a sports team. Once you say I do, you are automatically on the team. The Us team. it's no longer about me and you.. It's about us. Win or lose, you play together for the common goal. Some days there will be big plays that change the game, some days the smaller plays will steal the show. However, it's always about both partners in a marriage.

There are many great points in this book that will open your eyes in ways you never saw coming. It's well written, detailed, and relatable. There's talking points at the end of each chapter, which will provide a more in depth look into your own marriage. It's a book that is great for new couples, old couples, and soon to be couples. I highly recommend this book!