Together Review

Book Review: 

As the mother of two young children, I find myself getting up earlier and earlier to try and fit in quality Bible study. The problem is that the earlier I get up, the earlier the kids get up. I am pretty much to the point where I'd have to get up around 3 AM if I move back the alarm any further.

It never occurred to me to do Bible study WITH my children, but that is exactly the premise of Carrie Ward's book Together: Growing Appetites for God. Carrie spent 5 years reading the entire Bible, one chapter at a time, to her children who were 4 and under when she started. The book is a quick and easy read that will encourage moms to jump in and start reading.

I was expecting more of a "how to" book, but really the how to is simply to get a Bible and start reading. I did feel that there were some page fillers that were unnecessary. It also bugged me that the author would say something like "our friends got bad news and it rocked my world and changed me forever"... but without sharing what that earth shattering news was. I prefer authors to show me, rather than tell me. Despite those few glitches this is a fantastic book and I encourage any mother to pick it up and read it!