Tozer on the Son of God Review

Book Review: 

“Tozer On The Son Of God” is a great read and compilation of AW Tozer’s several books on Jesus Christ. Around 400 pages, the book is a devotional format and contains a daily reading for each day of the year. Each pages starts with an appropriate Bible verse, Tozer’s thoughts on the topic, and a suggested closing prayer.

Many things to like about this title: well-organized, succinct readings that are very profound and full of wise insights, and covers many topics on Jesus Christ, and covers many spiritual principles (solitude with God, resisting the world, regular Bible reading, relationships with other people, etc.).

The book may either be read as a daily devotional or may be completed in a few sittings. Took me around 5 days to read the book. Very good read and highly recommended. I received a review copy from Moody Publisher in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.