Transforming Presence Review

Book Review: 

This informative book about the Holy Spirit reveals many assumptions we as Christians have made about the Holy Spirit. Reading this book challenged me to examine my own beliefs and to revise them where I sometimes viewed the Holy Spirit as an outside force and not an indwelling person. Examining Scripture revealed 10 practices for a new experience of the Holy Spirit which include: Evaluating your own assumptions about the Holy Spirit; Living in the power of the New Covenant; Pursuing the Indwelling Person; Worshiping like you are the House of the Lord; Experiencing the God who already showed up; Seeking a filling not a falling; Filtering the message in the music; Enjoying the gift of Biblical emotion; and Maximizing your New Covenant life plan.

A section included in the back of the book addresses the topic of revival and another section lists a New Covenant Worship vocabulary. All is all, this is a very inspiring book and one I intend to go back and study again.

I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for this honest review.