True Girl Mom-Daughter Devos Review

Book Review: 

I was so impressed with Dannah Gresh’s other teen girl series that I wanted to make sure I took the opportunity to review these as well.

The foundation of the book is modesty and body image and is aimed at tween girls ages 8-11 but could work for a bit older girls as well.

Once again, I love the format and creativity of the books. They are fun, exciting, and engaging. They include hands on activities and personal reflection to make the concept more relatable and applicable. Gresh includes a plethora of scripture references, captivating graphics, and simply down-to-earth wisdom.

True Girl includes seven chapters:
- The Master Artist
- The Counterfeiter
- The Confusion
- Protecting the Masterpiece
- The Art Show
- The Bottom Line
- Finding True Beauty
The Mother Daughter Devos are a companion to the book and are meant to completed by Mom & Daughter together while going through the book.

The devos include a coloring experience throughout each week which seems to be fun and interactive. The coloring book experience isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, but it’s not required to benefit from the devos and those that do enjoy coloring can still have fun with it.

I love that they provide a ton of time and space for personal reflection with mom and daughter. This provides ample opportunity for intimate conversation and the ability to look back at your reflections for encouragement.

I also appreciate that the devos are short and sweet but still influential. They are not burdensome to complete but rather something to look forward to each day.

I received a copy of these books from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.