Turning of Days Review

Book Review: 

*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

Turning of Days: Lessons from Nature, Season, and Spirit is Hannah Anderson’s first devotional. What’s really neat about this devotional is her husband Nathan Anderson did the illustrations scattered throughout. There are some plants and cute critters you’ll see every few pages.

This devotional is different from others you may find. Instead of being X amount of days, a year long, a liturgical season, etc, it’s broken up into seasons. Each season (in order: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) have seven chapters that are a few pages long, followed by some Bible verses to look up. At the end of the book is a field guide for readers to go out in nature and observe.

One of the reasons I enjoy living in the mid-west is because we have all four seasons (even if the moderate spring and autumn temperatures are very short here). The rhythm of the seasons are a reminder of gospel hope and the new life that is to come. Hannah Anderson does a great job pointing to that, and talking about the providence of God, and our need to fully trust in him.

I really enjoy Hannah Anderson’s writing. It’s very calming. When she describes her surroundings in nature, you can see it in your head perfectly. Out of the four seasonal sections, I like Spring the most, but the entire book is really insightful and beautiful. It is best to read slowly.